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You can report technical support issues via e-mail or by using The Sound Guy forum on

Most reported problems have been a result of using Backwards Machine with unsupported host versions. See our Requirements page for a list of supported host apps. Also see the Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to many of the more common questions.

Some known issues:

Please contact us if you encounter any problems. Information like OS version, host software versions, CPU type, RAM, motherboard, graphics card, etc. would be very helpful.

If you are testing in Mac OS X, it's good to know about crash logs. They are located in


(~ means your user home folder). If you experience any crashes, please look in there for the crash log for the host app that crashed and e-mail us the log. It can be very helpful.

For other tech support issues, read the Read Me file, and then contact The Sound Guy, Inc. or report the problem on The Sound Guy forum.


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