Dereverberationizer Lets Scientists Hear the Sound of the Big Bang

San Jose, CA – April 1, 2014
Dereverberationizer, a software application for removing excess reverb, has enabled scientists to listen to the sound of the Big Bang at the dawn of time.

Published by The Sound Guy, Inc., Dereverberationizer removes any amount of reverberation, no matter how extreme. The program was originally designed for various common, everyday uses, such as removing reverb from lectures or concerts. However, CEO Earl Vickers stated, "We're continually surprised by all the new ways people use the software. For example, in Switzerland, Dereverberationizer has helped improve the intelligibility of messages conveyed across the Alps via yodeling."

Most significantly, as heard in the accompanying promotional video, scientists have recently used Dereverberationizer to listen to the sound of the Big Bang for the first time, free from the distortion that occurred as the cosmic background radiation reverberated throughout all of time and space. This discovery not only helps confirm the existence of gravitational waves, as predicted by Einstein's theory of General Relativity, but it also provides direct, audible evidence of what happened in the first fraction of a second after the singularity.

The inspiration for Dereverberationizer was composer Alvin Lucier's famous recording "I am sitting in a room," in which Lucier recorded his narration of a text, then re-recorded successive generations of the tape over and over in the same room until the reverb turned his voice into an unintelligible wash of resonant tones. Vickers wondered whether it would be possible to recover the original voice from the final, unrecognizable sounds. After removing one generation of reverb at a time, the end result proved virtually identical to the original.

Dereverberationizer is available from for iPhone, Android, Macintosh OS X, and Windows.

The Sound Guy, Inc., a privately held company in San Jose, California, is a manufacturer of audio effects software including SFX Machine, Infinitude, and Turd Polisher Pro. The company also sells cutting-edge third-party software at



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